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This digital dataset represents the geology of the east half of the Salina 30' x 60' quadrangle at 1:62,500 scale. The Salina 30' x 60' quadrangle is located in central Utah and covers a large area that includes the San Rafael Swell, the Wasatch Plateau, the I-70 corridor, and the Fish Lake Plateau. The boundaries of the map are 111° to 111.5° W and 38.5° to 39° N. This interim open-file report makes GIS data available while geologic mapping of the west half of the quadrangle is in progress.Tertiary bedrock units include the Flagstaff Formation and dikes, sills, and local volcanic flows and ash-flow tuffs. The North Horn Formation is of Tertiary-Cretaceous age. Cretaceous units are the Castlegate and Blackhawk Formations; Star Point Sandstone; Blue Gate, Emery, Ferron, and Tununk Members of the Mancos Shale; Dakota (Naturita) Formation; and Mussentuchit, Short Canyon, Ruby Ranch, and Buckhorn Members of the Cedar Mountain Formation. Jurassic units are the Brushy Basin, Salt Wash, and Tidwell Members of the Morrison Formation; Summerville Formation; Curtis Formation; Entrada Sandstone; Winsor and combined lower members of the Carmel Formation; Temple Cap Formation; Navajo Sandstone; and Kayenta Formation. The Wingate Sandstone is Jurassic-Triassic in age. Triassic units are the upper members (Church Rock, Owl Rock, and Petrified Forest) and lower members (Moss Back, Monitor Butte, and Temple Mountain) of the Chinle Formation, and the Moody Canyon Member of the Moenkopi Formation. Quaternary deposits include alluvial, pediment, alluvial-terrace, landslide, talus, eolian, and lacustrine unconsolidated sediments. The eastern part of the map area sprawls across the western limb of the San Rafael Swell, a broad early Tertiary-Cretaceous Laramide anticlinal uplift. The southern part of the quadrangle includes the Last Chance Desert and the northernmost part of Capitol Reef National Park. Most of the strata in the map area dip to the northwest and strike northeast-southwest.

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